Red 3

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Red 3 “Biggs” studio scale kit from Captain Cardboard, built and painted by Morgan Deane. Morgan’s build is the Incom T-65 X-Wing during the battle of Yavin. Morgan pictured this is what Biggs X-Wing would look like after dog fighting through the Death Stars defences and his ultimate fate. The ship was photographed by Mathew Gerber bringing her to life for all of us to enjoy. We would like to thank Morgan for sharing his work with us here at SciFiantasy.

Morgan Deane – Modeler

  1. Mark Dunmore avatar
    Mark Dunmore 1 year ago

    Oh very nice sir! Very nice indeed!

    • Morgan Deane avatar
      Morgan Deane 3 months ago

      Only a year late on the reply 😛 Thanks Mark, appreciate it!

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