Jupiter 2

This is the 1:35 scale Moebius Lost in Space Jupiter 2.

Here’s some of the work I did on the build.

This particular model was the subject of an article I did for Sci-Fi and Fantasy modeler magazine. It is based on the first season specs of the Jupiter 2.

It features:

  • Scratch built parts including the single pilot’s seat that folds closed to be stowed in the main flight console, as seen in the first season. All of the hatches open manually, the Atomic clock and storage closets were also added, again following what was seen during the first season.
  • The airlock features both internal and external working air lock doors. As well as the correct “ramp”.
  • Extended wall beams.
  • Robinson family in freezing tubes.
  • “Scale” interior lighting with pulsating effect behind the freezing tubes.
  • Removable stool from central Astrogator.
  • Photo Etch and decals from ParaGrafx.
  • Removable Landing gear which enables the model to be displayed with the landing gear either in the up or down position.
  • Launch platform
  • Alpha Control guards

I have also included an extended Diorama of the crashed ship.

One of my models was also chosen for the box art for the second issue of the Moebius kit as well as the lighting kit. In the gallery, you will find images of these items. The composite was done by Jeff Summers.

  1.  avatar
    Joao 1 year ago

    Fantástico. Congratulations

  2.  avatar
    Luis Morales 1 year ago

    How to guide on designing upper and lower decks to fit into a Jupiter 2. Also, any news of a real model with full interior of Proteus U 91035.

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