What’s Going On At SciFiantasy?

A quick look at what is happen at SciFiantasy just before the Holiday Season. No we are not going away just the usual hiatus during this time of year. And, don’t forget to come and register at www.scifiantasy.com/activity for your chance at our annual Christmas giveaway.

  1. Lawrence Lotito avatar
    Lawrence Lotito 4 months ago

    Great video Kenny, if I ever get the patio sorted and cleaned out that will be my studio. You are more then welcomed to move your stuff in. I know that feeling all too well in packing the bench up.

    • Kenny Conklin avatar
      kconklin_admin 4 months ago

      The patio will be a nice place to build. Next year will be putting it away one more time during the year but that will be because we are moving to NJ.

  2. Simon Mercs avatar
    Simon Mercs 4 months ago

    I’m …lost….where’s Benny Hill?? WTF??

  3. Andrew Prentis avatar
    AndrewPrentis 3 months ago

    Ahh Benny Hill, I grew up watching dear old Benny on UK TV – you much check out his #1 hit single “Ernie, The Fastest Milkman in the West”

  4. Ben Clemons avatar
    Spencer1 3 months ago

    Nice time lapse 🙂 Your bench looks kinda like mine.

    • Kenny Conklin avatar
      kconklin_admin 3 months ago

      Thanks! A nice 6ft folding table 🙂 not too long before it is back up 🙂

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