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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are going to go over some of the common problems relating to your airbrush and how to correct them.

While spraying your paint is coarse or spotted – check for the following conditions:

  • Low Air Pressure – Check your air pressure to make sure you are spraying at the correct psi.
  • Thick Paint – Thin your paint to make sure it flows properly.
  • Not Depressing The Trigger All The Way Down – not allowing the correct pressure through your airbrush will cause this trouble.
  • Damaged Tip or Nozzle – Replace the damaged part.

No paint while trying to spray – check for the following conditions:

  • Out Of Paint – Sounds silly but check your paint cup to make sure you are full.
  • Loose Air Cap – Tighten your air cap.
  • Clogged Tip – Properly clean your tip to allow paint to flow.
  • Needle Is Loose – Tighten your needle.
  • Bent Needle – Replace the damaged part.
  • Your Airbrush Is Dirty And Needs To Be Cleaned – Properly clean all parts of your airbrush.

No Air or low pressure while spraying – check for the following conditions:

  • Your Compressor Is Not Plugged In – Check to make sure your compressor is getting power.
  • Loose Hose Connection Either At Your Airbrush Or Compressor – Check your hose connections and make sure they are tightened. Use plumbers tape for a good seal.
  • Blocked, Broken Or Damaged Air Valve – Check for one of these three trouble. For a broken or damaged part replace it.

Airbrush is spitting or spattering while spraying – check for these conditions:

  • Dirty Airbrush – Properly clean your airbrush.
  • Low Air Pressure – Check your psi setting on your compressor.
  • Bent Needle – Replace the damaged part,
  • Tip Clogged Or Damaged – If clogged clean your tip. If damaged replace the part.
  • Water In Hose – If you do not have a water trap purchase one and add it to your compressor.
  • While spraying you are getting a double line or spray to one side – check for these conditions:
  • Bent Needle – Replace the damaged part.
  • Split Tip – Replace the damaged part.

Paint flowing from the tip of your airbrush – check for these conditions:

  • Cracked Or Damaged Paint Tip – Replace the damaged part.

Here is a general breakdown of an airbrush:

Airbrush Breakdown[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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