Kazon “Torpedo”

This is a small shuttle with a reinforced, arrowhead-like front, but a completely different design than the usual Kazon raider, fighter or shuttle. The torpedo’s length is about 8m, based on the Fact Files schematic and comparison with people standing beside it when it has penetrated Voyager’s hull in VOY: “Maneuvers”. The Kazon torpedo didn’t show up again in any episode. The Fact Files drawing of the torpedo has slightly inaccurate overall proportions and details. The front tip of the real model, for instance, is not quite as pointed, and its octagonal profile is more pronounced. The reason is that the Fact Files illustrator obviously reproduced the look of the Revell/Monogram model kit, rather than of the studio miniature. There are some differences between the miniature and the full-scale mock-up too.

Source : Ex Astris Scientia – http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/articles/kazon-sizes.htm#other

Follow along with Kenny Conklin as he builds Monograms Kazon Torpedo. This is the part 19 of a 19 part series.


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