MOTY 2018 Ghost Rider

Marco Agostino has entered his Toy Biz Ghost Rider build in the MOTY 2018 Contest.

The Toy Biz kit is of the Marvel Comics Ghost Rider and was originally released in 1996. The kit contains 46 pieces and stands 8 3/4 inches tall when completed.

This build will be entered in the Figures 75 mm and Taller category.

  1. Mark Dunmore avatar
    Mark Dunmore 4 months ago

    very nice 🙂

  2. Tag Gray avatar
    tag gray 3 months ago

    Just FYI…you should remove the logo from the images per the contest rules.
    Looks Awesome!

  3. Kenny Conklin avatar
    Kenny Conklin 3 months ago

    Hey Tag,
    The logo is fine on the photos. What we mean by the clean background is what Marco and Omar have. Nothing is impeding the view of the kit. We had past entries with sloppy workbenches, book shelves and other clutter in the background of the photo. Those things take away from the hard work the builder did and sometimes makes it hard for the judges to see clearly what is going on with the model. But, thank you for the comment actually makes me happy to know that the rules are being read 🙂

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