Jason Gares has entered his Prometheus Engineer Bust in the MOTY 2018 Contest.

The Prometheus bust is made of hollow-cast resin that has 11 parts in total. I decided to fill the bust with Durhams Water Putty to give it both strength and weight.

All parts were airbrushed with a base coat of Testors Model Master semi-gloss black, with Model Master silver/chrome over that.

The upper part of the bust, using various Iwata airbrushes, I applied several varying layers of Iwata-Medea ComArt transparent colors which include purple, yellow and blue. Over those colors, I applied several thin coats of Model Master Graphite to tie all the colors together.

Below the bust is the stand that represents a section of wall in the Engineer’s ship, along with four gold canisters that have black liquid oozing from them. Two different hues of ComArt transparent blue were applied, along with purple highlights. The canisters were airbrushed gold and the black ooze hand painted black. All parts were sealed with several thin layers of Future floor wax, which was applied with an airbrush.

Lastly, the Engineers head and inside of its helmet were painted with both airbrush and by hand using several techniques.

This build will be entered in the Busts All Scales Category.


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