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As a thank you to all of our members, our returning members and our future members for being a part of the SciFiantasy Community!

We have added a point system to the site to add a little incentive to be here and interact with old and new community friends. You will be able to earn points for doing pretty much everything on the site. You can watch full videos, read articles, comment on articles. post status updates, post pictures, add avatars and cover photos, create groups and more! The more you interact on the site the more points you earn.

Depending on a number of users is how many prizes and groups will be made for the drawings on November 2, 2018. We are going to go a little over a year to give everyone a chance to join and be a part of the community. For example, if we have 25 users we will have 5 groups of 5 who will be in the drawing for the prizes. Each group will have one prize awarded. As the groups grow bigger we will add more prizes. The top number of prizes that will be given away is 10. I am personally sponsoring all of the prizes so I have to limit it to 10 so the wife does not kill me.

Have fun, meet new people, post your builds and be a part of the community! I hope to see more and more of you here. Keep an eye on this article to see where you place and what new prizes are added. If we get sponsors more prizes will be added to the drawings and possibly groups.

  1. #1 Morgan Deane 242
  2. #2 Alex McElhinney 216
  3. #3 David Lazenby 181
  4. #4 Michael Lalor 165
  5. #5 Jason Gares 156
  6. #6 Jason Marshall 139
  7. #7 Walter Keegan 129
  8. #8 Buck Moore 128
  9. #9 Christopher Marsden 121
  10. #10 Phill Besio 119
  11. #11 The Geordie Modeller 110
  12. #12 Bob Gregory 110
  13. #13 John Hunt 105
  14. #14 Paul Craggs 104
  15. #15 Benny Gilardi Jr 93
  16. #16 Mark Dunmore 65
  17. #17 Russell Scharf 64
  18. #18 Ed Fugate 62
  19. #19 Brian Clark 59
  20. #20 Adam Courville 56
  21. #21 Lawrence Lotito 55
  22. #22 Dan Ashlin 48
  23. #23 Matt Alkire 46
  24. #24 John Dunai 45
  25. #25 Marco Agostino 44
  26. #26 Tom Conklin 40
  27. #27 Rick 40
  28. #28 Jeff Jobb 37
  29. #29 Kenneth Zimmerman 34
  30. #30 Jamie Shiner 33
  31. #31 Chris Kieffer 31
  32. #32 Matt Watson 29
  33. #33 Gary LL 25
  34. #34 DJ101 25
  35. #35 Ray Martin 24
  36. #36 Randal Scott 24
  37. #37 David Hale 21
  38. #38 Michael Kemer 19
  39. #39 Jerry Hedgecock 19
  40. #40 Daniel Boucher 18
  41. #41 William Maloney 17
  42. #42 Daniel Harris 15
  43. #43 Shawn McClure 13
  44. #44 Israel Isla Romero 12
  45. #45 Norman Long 12
  46. #46 Michael LePard 11
  47. #47 HG Barnes 10
  48. #48 Oggie Gonzalez 8
  1. Jason Gares avatar
    Jason Gares 1 week ago

    Video Workbench Productions can be a sponsor if you’re interested….

    • Kenny Conklin avatar Author
      Kenny Conklin 1 week ago

      Thanks Jason 🙂 Let’s see if this takes off or not. If so we will add more stuff including sponsored items 🙂

  2. Alex McElhinney avatar
    Alex McElhinney 1 week ago

    This is a great concept, and will hopefully further promote the site & community. Definitely worth reaching out to past/inactive members as well as other groups. Maybe some good old-fashioned signature banners/graphics for use on other forums would be a boost to traffic?

    • Kenny Conklin avatar Author
      Kenny Conklin 1 week ago

      I like the banner idea but I really don’t like putting this type of stuff on other people’s forums and groups. Some people get mad at that so I have to rely on members to spread the word. I will be doing a newsletter to all members on the site.

  3. Brian Clark avatar
    Brian Clark 7 days ago

    I will always come here whether there are prizes or not. I hope that people come just to show their work and help others. Free stuff is nice but community is better. I hope this doesnt make this site into an all out war with people posting on everything and then running away. That being said, I have to go look for things to commant on. Hahahahaha.

    • Kenny Conklin avatar Author
      Kenny Conklin 7 days ago

      There are actually spam features in place that deduct points for spamming 🙂 And, other safety precautions to make it fair. And, I agree it’s not about the prizes but I do want to give back to the members in a small way for making this place work 🙂

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