SciFiantasy Mars Attacks

Jason Gares has entered his Mars Attacks Martian invader in this year’s MOTY 2018 Online Contest.

I was lucky enough to receive number 3 of only 20 unpainted versions worldwide and paint it the way that I wanted so that it could stand out as a one-of-a-kind piece that reflected the war between the Martian invaders and the human race defending the Earth from their onslaught. Let me take you into the Quarantine Zone so that you can see how I “fleshed out” this highly detailed unpainted gem and made it come alive with color.
This statue looks completely different from the pre-painted version that Quarantine Studio had released. Plus, I added a few things to truly make this version a one-of-a-kind. Remember, never be afraid to take away or add things to a model or statue. When you do that, it makes it something that becomes unique that no one else has.

This build will be entered in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Figures greater than 75mm category.


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