SciFiantasy Batgirl

Tag Gray has entered his Batgirl build in the 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what he has to say about the build.

This is the Moebius 1:5 scale Batgirl resin kit. It is a really fun kit. The mold is almost perfect and the detail is great too!.
I used .008 metal flake (the same used to mix into paint for your car) for the main bodysuit. I masked everything off and used hairspray to get it to adhere. Then sealed it with Alcad2 Gloss. The rest of the colors I mixed myself.
The eyes were done using a mechanical pencil with HB lead for the lashes and mascara. The iris were done with Archer Fine Transfers as a base, then I painted over them with green and blue washes. After they were dry, I coated the entire eye with Vallejo Gloss.

  1. HG Barnes avatar
    HG Barnes 1 month ago

    phenomenal work!

    • Tag Gray avatar
      tag gray 1 month ago

      Thanks HG!

  2. Ken Spriggs avatar
    Ken Spriggs 1 month ago

    The purple flake is amazing, looks like real spandex cloth! The face and eyes are beautiful!

    • Tag Gray avatar
      tag gray 3 weeks ago

      Thanks Ken!

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