SciFiantasy Battlestar Galactica

Dirk Karsten has entered his Battlestar Galactica in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what he has to say about the build.

This is the 1/4105 scale Original Battlestar Galactica replica by Moebius. This build is heavily modified, e.g. the whole nose/bridge section has been reworked and corrected to reflect the original. I used the Photoetch Set by ParaGrafix, 3D parts from 308 Bits, a lot of greeblies and brass wire. The Galactica is fully illuminated via led’s and fiberoptics. I used the lighting kit by Madman Lighting as a base and added some red blinking led’s too. Coloring is black primer, Tamiya coats and decent weathering with Starship wash and Streaking fluids from AMMO MIG followed. The case socket is made from “Elsbeere” … some might know it as Swiss pear, felt and brass. The lights can be switched on and dimmed via remote control, the power connector is integrated in the brass tube stand.


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