SciFiantasy MaK Melusine

Scott Millican has entered his MaK Melusine in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what Scott has to say about his build.

Hasegawa 1/35 MaK Melusine

Painted and weathered with Vallejo paints, pigments, and weathering products. To make the camo, hex masks from Fallout Hobbies was used.

Decals from a Canadian Leopard C2 Mexas tank, including the “I love Alberta Beef” bumper sticker

Kit guns replaced with 1/35 30 cal MG barrel and 40mm Grenade Launcher barrel, smoke grenade launchers added to either side of the turret, and a scratch build communications dish added to the top.

Sits on some simple groundwork on a piece of driftwood.


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