SciFiantasy Labrys

Mark Dunmore has entered his Labrys in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. This is what Mark had to say about his build.

From the game Persona 4 Arena, we have the 1/8 resin figure Labrys.


This kit is possibly the most complex resin kit I have done to date. Coming in with a part count of 83, including eye decals and clear resin parts.

Remarkably there were no fit issues. I was expecting, with the kit having so many parts that there would be at least a few bubbles or miss-cast parts. Not a thing was warped or had any excess flash. The only issue I had was of my own making. I lost the from hair part. I tried sculpting a replacement but the rest of the hair is in clear resin and it didn’t match the rest when painted. Luckily the seller cast me a new part and sent it to me.

Painted with a mix of Mr. Hobby and Tamiya. I am particularly proud of the hair effect. A semi-translucent look that is seen in the artwork for the character, also the wear on the axe. The was achieved by lightly sanding the edges so it looks like it has had some use.

This was also a first for me in that I made my own base. Using strips of balsa wood to make a wooden floor, it was then painted with various washes then several coats of clear gloss.

This year seems to of been a year of me pushing myself to tackle more complex kits and paint techniques.


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