SciFiantasy Battlestar Pegasus

Kenny Gogan has entered his Battlestar Pegasus in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what Kenny has to say about his build.

This is a studio scale filming miniature replica of the Battlestar Pegasus from the original series of Battlestar Galactica, in 1978.

The model took ten years to complete, three of those years were spent collecting kits, research, and reference. The kit is 100 percent scratch built, it is studio scale, an exact, in every way to the filming miniature.
Two inch steal muffler pipe makes up the armature that provides strength and mounting points in the front, back, top, bottom, and side to side of the model. Bulkheads are made of styrene sheet and skinned over in the same material. Once the shape was achieved and smoothed over, the panel lines were scribed (thousands). Then the detail process began. Thousands of kitbashed parts were painstakingly applied in the exact locations as the filming miniature had. Over 170 vintage kits were used to get detailed parts. Some kits require multiples of up to eight of the same kit. Then thousands of tiny chip panels were also painstakingly glued over the entire surface of the model for added depth and texture. Next, hundreds of fiber optics were installed, as well as rear engine lights, nav lights, and landing bay approach lights. There is even forced perspective interior scene panels that are backlit, just like the paintings, Andrew Probert did on the original model. The model is 77 inches long X 32 inches wide, and roughly 12 inches high.
During the build process of this model in 2013, I was lucky enough to meet the late Richard Hatch (Apollo), from the original Battlestar Galactica series. He was then kind enough to autograph the bottom of the engine lid panel!


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