SciFiantasy TOS Enterprise

Bart Deal has entered his TOS Enterprise in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what Bart had to say about the build.

It’s a Polar Lights TOS Enterprise 1/350. I started this build in January 2015 and completed it four months later. Needless to say, I was driven. It was my first large scale build of a Star Trek model kit. During the process of building the ki, I used a variety of masks from Orbital Dry Dock as well as Aztec Dummy. the light kit is from Polar Lights. The based I designed and built to enhance displaying the model.

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  1. Farmer 2 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic looking ship. Great bridge and hanger lighting deck. It looks like a filming model. I am not a believer that bridge is on an angle. The plans were drawn by a draftsman (Franz Joseph) and not a designer. His bridge shape and the first upper decks do not represent what is on the 11 foot HO Scale filming miniature. The the very first shot of the Enterprise’s bridge in the entire TOS series shows the bridge on the center line of the ship. The very first scene of where the bridge is and the characters are shown. This is “The Cage” and the then later the “The Menagerie” The bridge is smaller than the outer pressure dome with the turbo lift cars parked around it to keep the bridge high priority. Franz also showed a bed and quarters for all 430 people on board. No hot bunking. He created the Enterprise Hotel

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